PAUL FLETCHER and the dukes

Born in Sheffield, Paul Fletcher is a singer, songwriter and producer, who has a production deal with SoulTown / 79:35 label.

On stage at 18.10 - 18.55


After spending two years with the indie band Blind Drivers, forming a prolific song-writing partnership with lead singer Matt Thompson, Paul left to establish and concentrate on producing and writing projects for people such as Lily Allen, Olly Murs,  Stephanie Nala, as well as writing and recording two EP's (COYOA and Imagine What It Could Have Been) that have been released.

With influences from all decades, Paul has been called into artists of all generations and genres, which has led to several tracks breaking into the top 40 UK charts. 

In recent months Paul has been working on three film scores, one of which is based in his beloved Sheffield called 'Twin Flowers' which tells the story of love from the opposite side of the tracks. It's Director George James said of Paul "the three tracks that we used of Paul's in the film capture the mood and elevate the action to a more emotional level. He's captured something that, in the cold light of day, has made the scenes more emotional than I would have dreamed of. There's an element to working with Paul that has been a massively pleasurable experience. Never a chore, always pleasant and accommodating."

In late 2016 Paul signed a further deal with will see him write and record a further 3 albums under the Paul Fletcher and Dukes banner with trusted collaborators Matt Edgington, Simon Pritchard and Ross Green.

The album 'Rewind Your Soul' was very well received and saw Paul play some major gigs between November 2015 and 2017. Paul is now busy writing and recording the follow up to 'Rewind Your Soul' with a single release due imminently.

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Paul Fletcher - Live at O2 in Sheffield

Paul Fletcher - Lies Video

Paul Fletcher - 22:02 Video

Paul Fletcher - Au Revoir Video

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